Some Evidence we have captured

Evidence of the paranormal is very hard to come by. It takes hours upon hours of investigating in order to come up with quality evidence of the paranormal. Photos and video seem to be the hardest to come across. Audio and personal experience seem to be much easier to capture. Audio in the form of E.V.P.’S seem to be the most prevalent in our investigations. E.V.P.’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are disembodied voices and sounds that weren’t audible to the investigators present at the time they occurred. We use an array of digital voice recorders in order to capture such evidence.

We have captured video evidence at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville Kentucky. We don’t use many video cameras so capturing this sort of evidence is difficult.

Dark Alley investigators rely mostly on our senses to capture personal experiences. While not public facing as evidence, we believe these experiences prove to us that paranormal activity is real.

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